We deliver the best aircraft to you.



Aircraft Acquisition

Finding the perfect aircraft is an easy task if surrounded by the right persons.
Let our team assist you, and take all the hassle out so that you can seat back, relax, and enjoy your ride.

Aircraft Sales

By trusting Aeroprop Trading SA, you take benefit from our advanced IT technology, a vast network of industry leaders and more than three decades of combined experience; allowing the marketing & sale/trade of your aircraft within the best time frame.

Consulting services

Our team of instructors, engineers, pilots,lawyers, tax advisers, operators allows for a tailored service and a guaranteed satisfaction.

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Worldwide presence

Thanks to our extensive network, we are able to source aircraft worldwide, with local experts sharing their experience of the particular market.

Turnkey solution

Aeroprop Trading SA provides a Turnkey solution to your specific aircraft sale/acquisition need.
From appraisal, to marketing, sourcing and contracting; our team will support you from A to Z.

Because having a single point of contact helps run a smooth project, a dedicated Sales Manager will be supporting your specific project.

Low brokerage Fees

Might be wondering how much it all costs? Aeroprop Trading SA provides one of the best value for money.
How do we achieve that? Well, our Team is convinced that a satisfied client is priceless and will likely return to base for the next acquisition.
We put all our energy in pursuing that effort.